About Us

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with affiliates in New York, Bond Brand Management is an extremely selective boutique Brand Management Firm, Our focus is entirely on leveraging your brand by aligning all aspects of your business with it, unlocking its full potential. Our approach is hands-on and engaging. We drive change and devise solutions from within the organization to ensure fully vested leadership teams. Our expertise crosses the full spectrum of brand assessment, strategy, communications, operationalization, and management. BBM’s strength lies in the “know-how” in branding and positioning for multi-platform clients using both strategic and guerilla tactics.


What we Believe


We believe your brand is your reputation. It is the promise that you make and, therefore, the promise that you must always keep.


It is the expectations people have about you before they do business with you, and the experiences they have when they do, that form your reputation.


You can proactively manage your reputation by ensuring the experience they have with you— your communications, behaviors and actions — are consistent with what you want your reputation to be.


It is not what you say about yourself, but the stories that others tell about you.


Your brand is the “DNA” of your business. Reaching full business potential means fully aligning and integrating the brand promise with all aspects of business operations.


The brand is about creating and living a common vision for the future — becoming a company on a “brand mission” that inspires and guides behavior and performance.